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Our Clinic is currently engaged in the process of devising the best ways and means of offering wider quality services to the public. We have embarked on a policy of providing internships to students who have received medical training. we have already taken a number of dressers from St. Eric School in Stockholm. We also hope to offer more internship to others, especially to those who belong to Läkarhögskolan in Stockholm.

We are deepening our acupuncture services by specializing in ear acupuncture for treating addicts - especially cigarettes, alcohol and drug addicts by using the methods of Lincoln Hospital of New York (i.e. that of Dr. John Michael).

We are also promoting the establishment of group meetings for patients with shared health problems such, e.g. those with diabetic and asthma, so that they may benefit from our meetings and interaction. Last but by no mans least, in the field of equipment, we hope to purchase a 24-hour ECG-machine in the coming near future.

Years 2005-2006 we continually more and more educate our personal for acupuncture knowledge. That because we send chosen of them to study necessary knowledge at St. Paul, USA. At the same time we’re updating our knowledge and medical methods for to be able protect our patients mot infection’s sick spreading around the world.


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